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Kodagu in Karnataka is one of the serene destinations of India. Known for its picturesque settings, Kodagu was named as the Scotland of India by the British. Visit Kodagu to send some time far away from the din and bustle of urban cities. Kodagu is a district in the Karnataka State .Kodagu shelters magnificent breathtakingly rolling hills of Karnataka. You can see cash rich coffee plantations in these hills. Moreover, this venue in Karnataka has a rich ancient history. Gangas, Kadambas, Cholas, Vijayanagara, Chengalvars, Hoysalas and the British ruled this place in serial order.

Kodagu is famous for wide-ranging coffee plantations. Almost all the hill slides of this place are covered with coffee plants. The other kinds of vegetation grown in the hill slides include orange, black pepper as well as cardamom. Modern irrigation is used for the cultivation of these plants. In the month of April, the hill slides boom with coffee bushes creating an exotic fragrance of the mesmerizing white flowers. Madikeri which is also called Mercara is its capital town. You can visit Mercara which is sited at a height of about 1,525 meters from the sea level. You can take a stroll out in the city to understand life in the locality. This town is well-bordered by hills making the spot an ideal venue for trekking, hiking or simply strolling on a nature trail.

Another popular tourist attraction in Kodagu is the Iruppu Fall. Lying in the southern part of Kodagu, this Fall is regarded as a sacred spot for pilgrims. During your visit to this place you can also see River Lakshmana-tirtha which flows close to the fall. Bordered by paddy fields, there is also a temple close to the fall. The main deity worshipped over here is Lord Rama.While you are on your Kodagu tour, you can visit the Nagarhole National Park. This part extends between Kodagu and the district of Mysore. Elephant, Jackal, Panther, Spotted deer, King Cobra and Monitor Lizard are also found in this national park.

Kodagu which is a popular Sightseeing Destination in Karnataka hosts 3 festivals. They are:

• The Festival of Arms or Kailpodhu
• Kaveri Shankaramana
• The harvest thanksgiving during the Puttari

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