Coffee Routes
Thekkady/Periyar/Kumily, Kerala
Class: Three Star
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Coffee Routes Resorts in Thekkady, Periyar, Kerala, India is located in an area that has been exclusively zoned for plantations and nature reserves ensuring that the surroundings remain pristine. Situated on the crown of a knoll, Coffee Routes Resort is serene nature getaway that draws inspiration from the dictum that less is more and that nature must be allowed to thrive unfettered. The predominant theme is that of coffee with the names of the rooms and facilities named after different species of coffee plants and varieties of coffee. A tarmac road winds up the slope. An open to the air lobby is situated beside the road. Inside the seats are hewn from rock found in the area.Above the lobby is the resorts multi cuisine restaurant with a splendid view of the surrounding vegetation, a plain stretching up to the mountains in the distance. The path climbs further on to a block of rooms built over two floors. Inside the decor and furnishings are subtle with cotton fabrics, bamboo, wood and cane.All the rooms have balconies with views of the landscaped slope, the trees in a neighbouring plantation and on one end views of a swimming pool and a stone paved tank fed by a natural spring. Outside, adjacent to the main block, on one edge of the knoll is a cluster of twin floored cottages overlooking the swimming pool and tank below. The view from the balconies in the cottages is truly stunning, looking down at the pool on one end and across a stretch of fields, the distant mountains on the other. The 4 acre property has been designed so that only 1.5 acres is built up space with the landscape contain a fascinating variety of trees, flowering and medicinal plants adhering to the "Star Forest" concept that defines a tree for every star in the astrological constellations.It is a lush green property surrounded by the Coffee plants, Jack Fruits trees and many other trees. The promoters of Coffee Routes Resort in Thekkady, Kerala are both from fourth generation families settled in Kumily. They bear childhood memories of a time before the reduction of forest cover, a certain degree of urbanization and the subsequent diminishing species of flora and fauna. Intimately familiar with forests and culture of the area, both Mr.Bala and Mr. Murali are passionate advocates of environment conservation and sustainable lifestyles. The profusion of trees and plants in Coffee Routes is a result of their labour of love.

Facilities / Services
  • Multi Cuisine Restaurant
  • 24 Hours Room Service
  • Doctor on Call
  • Cycling
  • Ayurveda Health Center
  • Plantation walk
  • Car parking area
  • Tea / Coffee Maker
  • Travel assistance
  • Internet Facility
Coffee Bean Club House
Coffee Bungalow